Better teaching: Eric Mazur and Peer Instruction

My blogpost on this topic Link From
Peer Instruction for Active Learning - Eric Mazur Link YouTube. 14 mins.
Shorter overview of Mazur's work
Eric Mazur shows interactive teaching Link YouTube. 8 mins.
Assessment: The Silent Killer of Learning Link YouTube. 1 hour. Excellent introduction to who Mazur is.

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur

Link YouTube. 1 hour 20 mins

Father Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University

Link YouTube. 5 mins. Funny cos it's true.
Mazur Criticizes Forms of Assessments Link

Why so much of what we’re doing is waffle.

Peer Instruction: Ten Years of Experience and Results A seminal paper co-authored by Eric Mazur.
Peer Instruction may work, but not for the reason we think. Blog post from
Analyzing learning during Peer Instruction dialogues Link Seems like it's a lot more nuanced than would first appear. Peer reviewed paper published in the Physical Review Physics Education Research
Using Peer Instruction    
Getting the most out of peer instruction using clickers Link Very useful flowchart on how to use Peer Instruction
Essential features of Peer Instruction Link A slightly more detailed list of the essential features and many  advantages of Peer Instruction can be found here:
Turn to your neighbour: the official peer instruction blog Link
Evidence-based science education in action Link Videos demonstrating flipped classes, clickers, framework activities, worksheets and other strategies.
Tips from business on how to convince students who are reluctant to go with your new teaching style Link Journal article from

Turning Lectures into Learning

Link Cornell Center for Teaching Excellence
. 1 hour 20 mins

What is Peer Instruction?
Overview plus examples from Mazur

Link From the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
Includes links with lots of sample questions at the bottom of the page
Twilight of the Lecture: The trend toward "active learning" may overthrow the style of teaching that has ruled universities for 600 years. Link From
Research-Based Implementation of Peer Instruction: A Literature Review Link Academic paper reviewinng Peer Instruction and the importance of posing the correct type of question
“I was quite surprised to find that students will absolutely defend to the death the lecture – a mode of learning that many of us are getting used to thinking of as an out-of-date method of teaching.” Link From
Because much of what we're doing is 'Pseudoteaching' Link Link to the 'Pseudoteaching' webpage on this ( website
Science Misconceptions Link Link to the 'Science Misconceptions' webpage on this ( website
The Flipped Classroom Link Link to the 'Flipped Classroom' webpage on this ( website