Better teaching: Technology in schools

Worst practice in ICT use in education 1. Dump hardware in schools, hope for magic to happen
John Hattie rants against the myth of the technology revolution YouTube as part of TED talk
Professional educators and the evolving role of ICT in schools. A report very critical of the use of ICT in schools

"Claims for how technology can improve educational performance in schools are widespread and
influential yet the research evidence is extremely weak"

The Difference Between Technology Use And Technology Integration Link From
Seven ways technology can benefit schools Link From
Secret Teacher: giving students wifi has made lessons chaotic Link
Does technology boost learning? The Overselling of Ed Tech Link From
Basically, my response to ed tech is “It depends.”
Interactive Whiteboards    
The long and damaging shadow of Interactive Whiteboards From
My own admission on the ineffectiveness of IWBs in my class Old blog post (2008). Are things different now? Doubt it.
Doubts over effectiveness of hi-tech white boards Text-based from the BBC from 2007
Interactive whiteboards 1: what the research says From Ian Sheffield
Technology and Feedback    
Delivering Peer Feedback with Google Forms From googleforeducation
The lanschool program
5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them) From
ICT: School guidelines and policy    
Acceptable Use Policies
Sample Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)
Link From
Sample 'Expected Use Policy' for ICT in schools From Portmarnock Community School
How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School Food for thought
What to do when you encounter an issue with your technology Cartoon from xkcd
Bring your own device (BYOD)    
51 tools you can use with BYOD From
Even more comprehensive list From google docs
What BYOD Means for e-Learning From
10 must-have tools for the BYOD classroom Link From
Google Drive    
Three Mind Mapping Tools That Save to Google Drive From
Questionning the Effectiveness of Science Videos YouTube 8 mins
Report writing Very useful template - can copy and paste various documents
How to add questions to YouTube videos Nice idea. From jonathanwylie
Changing Education Paradigms Famous clip from Ken Robinson. YouTube. 11 mins
Abuse of Technology    
Schoolgirl hacked pupil files From Australia