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Why trainee teachers get a raw deal My blog post from a few years back

This much I know about…how for the first 25 years of my teaching career I didn’t really understand what I was doing Link My teacher training course was gently ineffectual.
"The training was irrelevant to my core work as a teacher."
Headteacher in York.

 Firstly, the vast majority of time in my experience of ITT and CPD was allocated to improving one’s day-to-day classroom practice – the craft of behaviour management, explanation, task design – together with broader subject knowledge. Notice what’s missing: in my whole training and CPD, I had a grand total of a 1 hour seminar on memory – and that was an optional seminar that I happened to choose. Aside from that, I had no training on the science of memory, or how to get pupils to remember. We don’t even seem to recognise it as a big problem

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We Need to Rewrite the Textbook on How to Teach Teachers - (in America) Link From
Learning About Learning.
The report cited in the link above
Link "We have been consistently frustrated by the lack of discussion in many of these textbooks of teaching strategies that are backed up by strong evidence, and by a frequent overemphasis on strategies for which evidence is anecdotal at best. "
Report from National Council on Teacher Quality
What do teacher preparation programs actually teach? Classroom management doesn't feature too highly. Blogpost from Jacob Waters (American: does the same apply here?
The Role of US Physics Departments in High School Teacher Education "Many physics departments convey to their students (often unintentionally) the message that teaching is a second-class career option." Ouch!
To improve our schools, we need to make it harder to become a teacher.  A vew from the United States. References the contrast between there Finland

"The teacher you come out of college as, is not the teacher your students will need.”

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Matt Hood says we need to raise the standards of teaching by treating it like a performance profession where techniques are honed in rehearsal rather than tried out "live" in front of a class. Link

"When we have low expectations of how complex teaching is, it translates directly into low expectations for how sophisticated training and development for teachers needs to be. As a result teachers learn less. That is a disaster."

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Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback Until recently, many teachers only got one word of feedback a year: “satisfactory.” Actually we don't even get that.
Standards ‘still high’ at teacher training courses From the Irish Examiner
Are Tenured Professors Better Classroom Teachers? "We find consistent evidence that students learn relatively more from non-tenure line professors in their introductory courses."
There's a Cheaper, More Effective Way to Train Teachers
Why school systems across the United Stataes should adopt an apprenticeship model. From
Overview of the debate on Qualified Teacher Status in England From
What are the standards in England? Note that behaviour is a key component. Link A framework of core content for initial teacher training (ITT)
Roxanna Elden: Myth of the Super Teacher YouTube. 13 mins
Unfortunately teacher-training is very much tied to religion in many of our colleges, particularly at Primary Level Still in the Dark Ages in so many ways. Opinion Piece in The Irish Times from Fintan O' Toole
Do not, I repeat NOT, go in all guns firing It will backfire. YouTube skit. 3 mins