Better teaching: Practical work in science

A Review of the Research on Practical Work in School Science Link Justin Dillon, King’s College London at
Practical work may not be all that effective in teaching science YouTube. 6 mins. From Alom Shaha

Are science teachers using experiments as props in lessons?

Link Pupils generally enjoy carrying out experiments - but do teachers overuse them when they should in fact be teaching more theory, asks physics teacher Alom Shaha writing in
In April 2015, Ofqual announced the effective end of practical exams in science A-levels. Students will be assessed on written work alone, and although they will be required to undertake a set of 12 practicals, whether they pass or fail these will have no bearing on their A-level grade. Link From
Why Getting Rid of Practical Assessment Might not be the Disaster Organisations Believe Link Blogpost from experienced science teacher Helen Rogerson
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