Better teaching: Motivation

"We spend more time forcing students to learn than we do motivating them to learn in the first place."
Neil de Gras Tyson


Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation Link YouTube. 20 mins
The battle between your present and future self David Goldstein. YouTube. 16 mins
How the Power of Interest Drives Learning This doesn't seem to feature highly elsewhere. Not sure why. This from Mind/Shift
A scientific look at why New Year's resolutions keep failing. Lessons in this for students also Link From the Wall Street Journal
3 rules to spark learning Curiousity comes first: Ramsey Musallam on TED.
1. Curiousity. 2. Embrace the messy process of trial and error. 3. Practice reflection
Just Ask: Harnessing the Power of Student Curiosity Blogpost from