Better teaching: Mini-whiteboards

THE Number 1 Bit of Classroom Kit

The point is to use the students’ responses to inform what happens next.
From headguru Tom Sherrington

Making Thinking Visible: Using Whiteboards in the Chemistry Classroom & Beyond From Gary Abud
"The use of mini whiteboards in my Biology class" Blogpost from
"We are better off not doing [a] demonstration at all unless you get them to predict an outcome first. " Link Blogpost from

So use mini whiteboards

Confuse Students to Help Them Learn Link

"It seems that, if you just present the correct information, five things happen," he said. "One, students think they know it. Two, they don’t pay their utmost attention. Three, they don’t recognize that what was presented differs from what they were already thinking. Four, they don’t learn a thing. And five, perhaps most troublingly, they get more confident in the ideas they were thinking before.
From the

So use mini whiteboards

Duelling whiteboards Excellent idea using whiteboards to encourage collaboration