Better teaching: JC reform

8 reasons (NOT) to ditch traditional teaching methods Link Blogpost from Greg Ashman
This teacher in England is really loving their new English syllabus (with its emphasis on learning quotations etc) - the system we are about to move away from. Link From
"Put your pens down children. The exam system has changed again". Cartoon
‘For the first time, this GCSE results day we will have results we can rely on’ Link Teacher in England celebrates moving away from the system we are moving towards. From
Jihad against Junior Cert is bizarre Damien Kiberd in Comments make interesting reading.
One of the strength's of education in Finland is that they allow teachers to develop their own programs.

So now we have a similar challenge? From

Scotland 'moving away' from formal exams Pupils will now be given what is being described as a "broad general education", with no exams, in their first three years of secondary school.
Teacher waxes lyrical about the benefits of continuous assessment From
Junior Cert changes run risk of widening inequalities in our system TUI's Junior Cert concerns - opinion editorial in Irish Independent by Gerard Craughwell
Reform in JC Science    
In April 2015, Ofqual announced the effective end of practical exams in science A-levels. Students will be assessed on written work alone, and although they will be required to undertake a set of 12 practicals, whether they pass or fail these will have no bearing on their A-level grade. Link From
Why Getting Rid of Practical Assessment Might not be the Disaster Organisations Believe Link Blogpost from experienced science teacher Helen Rogerson
If we are to assess our own students, shouldn't our assesssments also be checked? Blogpost from former physics teacher Dr Dav