Better teaching: Inspirational teachers

Great teachers are made, not born. Link From the, featuring the work of Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion
Hero Teacher Sonya Romero
"The first question I ask the kids is if they've eaten"
Link Taken from YouTube: The Ellen Show. 5 mins
Wonderful quotes about Teachers Who Inspired Great Scientists Link These would make nice posters. From
Perimeter Institute for Theoritical Physics
Learning with Mr Clarke – Circa 1985 Link Wonderful blogpost from about an inspirational chemistry teacher who taught his wife.
How do teachers inspire and engage their students? Link Just an acknowledgement from The Welcome Trust that these are important aspects of how we teach.

“Very few [schools] measured their [science] departments’ performance against the lofty goal of ‘maintaining curiosity’”, Ofsted 2013.

Link Another intriguing quote from The Welcome Trust
The traits that make a ‘good’ teacher Link Report on recent reseach carried out in the school of education in UCD. From