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Why Should Schools Care About John Hattie's Visible Learning? From
What can we learn from John Hattie? Blogpost from
Effect Sizes    
Some things you ought to know about effect sizes From
Hattie’s list of the greatest effects and why it matters Excellent summary. Be sure to read the comments. From
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195 Influences And Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement Link From
What Are the 7 Mind Frames of Learning? Hattie writes a guest blog for Peter deWitt
Hattie's 8 Mindframes Animated on YouTube. 3 mins
Why are so many of our teachers and schools so successful? This is powerful Hattie speaking at a TEDx meet. 16 mins. YouTube
The importance of teachers working together, as evaluators of their impact 9 mins into video above
A recent radio interview from the BBC  
A separate summary of Hattie's work Blog post from
Summary of important points from Hattie's Visible Learning for Teachers

Self-reported grades are very important.

Follow Hattie on twitter His handle is @VisibleLearning
Tribute website to promote Hattie's research
Visible Learning, by John Hattie, is a seminal book on education This is a review of that book from a paper in an educational journal and acts as a good summary.
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Criticism of Hattie    
Hattie: More Doing the Wrong Things the Right Ways From There is a list near the bottom of other critiques of Hattie's work
Dylan Wiliam weighs in - see the comments section Courtesy of
Somebody not happy with Hattie's use of statistics

How to engage in pseudoscience with real data: a criticism of john hattie’s arguments in visible learning from the perspective of a statistician

Link A paper published in the McGill Journal of Education
Contrary to Hattie, this report suggests that class size does matter Link to a report in pdf form from Northwestern University