Better teaching: Finland

What's so great about education in Finland?

One strength is that they allow teachers to develop their own programs. From

Why Finland's educational system is to effective Infographic from
Finland one of the best educated countries in the world? Link

 Michael Moore talks to Finnish teachers to see what's different about their schools. YouTube 10 mins

Mythbusting Finnish education Link No they are not scrapping subjects and yes they do give (directed) homework. Blogpost by Greg Whitby
South Korea    
What can we learn from high performing education systems like South Korea? Blog post from
How do they manage it in South Korea? High results but long days and the highest suicide rate of industrialised OECD countries.
Danish pupils use web in exams
The Danish government says if the internet is so much a part of daily life, it should be included in the classroom and in examinations.
BBC news report
What's different about these schools? They work harder! Link Blogpost from
"Lucy Crehan’s book CleverLands is remarkable. Lucy not only analysed education systems of the top five PISA countries — she visited them, staying in teachers’ houses and gaining valuable insights into the background culture." Link Poster created by Oliver Caviglioli
Why does Vietnam do so well in PISA? An example of why naïve interpretation of international rankings is such a bad idea Link From IOE LONDON BLOG