Better teaching: CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

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What makes effective CPD? Blogpost from pragmaticreform
Being the 1% – what does it take to make CPD effective? Because only 1% of CPD is effective.
Blogpost from
'Teachers frustrated by overly bureaucratic, professionally demeaning usage of 33 hours' From
Schools should encourage CPD - but should demand progress reports from the teachers AND teachers/schools should be assessed on whether or not they are engaging in this process. From Dylan Wiliam in
Effective and ineffective CPD From
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Days can vary from the sublime, to the downright awful, and often falls somewhere in-between. Tips for successful inservice days. From
The reason traditional professional development is ineffective is that it doesn’t support teachers during the stage of learning with the steepest learning curve: implementation Quote is from a report referenced in this blogpost from The Washington Post.
The key is not professional 'development', it's professional 'learning'. And you don't 'deliver' training. Which needs to be ongoing as opposed to one-off training days. Interview with Ben Jensen, School Education Program Director in Australia
"A large swathe of [CPD] training has no effect whatsoever on pupil outcomes. " Overview by David Weston, founder of Teacher Development Trust in the UK
"Professional Development isn't a 3-hour workshop" "It's a career-long process". Poster courtesy of @sjunkins