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Teams, not individuals, change schools
Class discipline is a preresquesite for any teaching, yet few teachers want to discuss it - why not?
Most of the links on this website tacitly assume that the students are interested in their own learning - but that's a big, big assumption.
The biggest problem in education that no one takes seriously
From Tom Bennett
Top Ten Tips for Behaviour Management From
Some recommendations on what options to take to improve discipling in schools Blogpost from psychologist Daniel Willingham
Disruption of teaching: A worryingly long list of teachers' experiences related to behaviour Link Blogpost from Kirby at

Why detentions don’t work

Link Blogpost from Greg Ashman
The Hidden Contract    
The term was coined by Timothy F. Slater, University of Arizona Astronomy Department Link His paper is entitled: When Is a Good Day Teaching a Bad Thing? In pdf format
Horace’s Compromise and the Faculty-Student Non-Aggression Pact:  “Professors don’t ask much of their students and students don’t ask much of their professors Link By Doug Holton at

"Honey, when you grow up I want you to be assertive, independent and strong-willed. But while you’re a kid I want you to be passive, pliable and obedient."

And so it is in school. Twitterpic
“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship,” Talk to your students. Beautiful post from Annie Huynh.
Have a seating plan Without a seating plan you're a sitting duck
From Tom Bennett at
5 Ways to Get Students to Listen Some nice ideas from
Carol Dweck on the power of "Yet" YouTube. 1 minute
Five Quick Classroom Management Tips for Novice Teachers From
A blogpost which contains links to numerous resources From
To Help Students Learn, Appeal to What They Value From
20 Ways To Get A Noisy Classroom’s Attention From
Advice book: The Behaviour Guru: Behaviour Management Solutions for Teachers By Tom Bennett - the link is to the page
One teacher's experience on trying to harness boys' higher energy levels

When penalizing them doesn't work.
Blogpost from

Remember: if you're wrong then you need to apologise also One of my old blogposts
Sometimes I'm just grumpy Happens us all - blogpost from me from a few years back
How I Became an Unfair Teacher Very honest report courtesy of
But remember you don't necessarily want to have complete control over all aspects of the class. The best learning can occur in 'messy' classrooms.
People labelled ‘stubborn, defiant rule-breakers’ as children grow up to earn a higher income, a new study finds. Link From
A new study shows that rebellious adolescent behavior is a positive indicator for success as an entrepreneur As long as you’re a man, and you don’t get caught.
School Management    
A lot of the responsibility for behaviour in school should rest with management. 'Sink or swim' is not an appropriape policy.
From blogger Tom Sherrington in the Guardian
It’s the behaviour, stupid! Turning a tough school into a good school Mr Lock’s Weblog
Order in the classroom is strongly related to school performance From oecdeducationtoday
Catherine Tate pushes new teacher to the limit YouTube comedy sketch
New teacher? Don't go in all guns blazing - it will backfire YouTube. 3 mins
"You can't teach children to behave better by making them feel worse. When children feel better, they behave better."

"The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving of ways." @WeAreTeachers 24 Oct